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How To Let Go of Worry; a Love Story

The Angels told me I worry too much.

My response is that if I don’t worry about what will get done how will I get it done? It’s the worry that is the motor of the boat, right?

This experience happened when I was getting a reading from Elizabeth Rose, someone who channels Angels.

I make endless lists about what I need to do to move forward in my life. On a month to month basis. I worry how I will accomplished things, how I will find the time to buy new stylish clothes and get my look together, while also finding time to do fun things.

It’s a lot of worrying. I just need to relax a little more. Imagine all the worry I’m putting into the universe? I just feel like I have a block of worrying literally as a boundary to everything I want in life. And as much as I just want to STOP, I really can’t do it automatically. My mom worried, my dad worried, my brother worries. It is just in me. So the only thing I can do is heal! it’s literally encoded in my energy until I address it, bring it forward in my life, and let it go, releasing it by crying or getting angry or something to wash the feeling away.

Lighten Up on Worrying

Worry is such a weird and bubbly feeling. If I had to describe the sensation I feel. It’s bubbly, but not in a good way. In an incredibly anxious way.

According to this great article on Elizabeth Rose’s website:

She has said very well that when Angels heal your system they provide you with peace, love and balance. If I am too much tilted in the realm of worry I really am not balanced.

But more and more worry has been coming up. Which is something I need to expect when getting closer and closer toward the healing in February. Elizabeth Rose told me that the Angels would surface negative emotions as I got closer to the date.

Chakra System

I did not realize chakras were more than a spiritual or Zen term. They are actually a legitimate system in our bodies. They are “pools of spiraling energy that allow cosmic energy to flow freely throughout your mental, emotional and physical body.”

I am looking forward to being more balanced, at peace and in harmony with life! And looking forward to changes.

Article Credit: Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern website:

What do you think about lightening up on negative emotions?

Why I am Working on Being A Channel for Angels

If you think that people who are all obsessed with God are uncool. I don’t blame you. They have this certain goody-two-shoesness that really bothers me. There are very few that don’t bother me, but Kanye West has the cool God-factor going on. Finally!

After I had a deep trance session with a woman named Elizabeth Rose, a friend of a friend where she had channeled 9 Angels to talk to me. The voice that came through was kind yet powerful. Didn’t show excess love in words but I knew that I was loved.

Too many people have misused Angelic information and twisted it. But, it’s purest message is still there.

I am working to a point where Angels will step into me and use my vocal chords to deliver messages.

If you are confused, I can understand that.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is when beings of light communicate through you and to you through a channel of light that goes all the way up to God. It is a spiritual gift that I have brought with me to Earth. But don’t be surprised if you have it too. Most of us have at least one spiritual gift.

Preparation for Channeling

You can’t just be a channel. Well, I’m sure some people can. But for me I’m having to practice and do work to be a channel. My practice consists of removing sugar, caffeine and meat. Eating vegetables and fruits and plant-based proteins. Meditating for one hour each night by envisioning myself floating up on a cloud to a portal of light. The light happens to be a place, and things to happen there. Angels are there. And lastly, healing all mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems that block my channel.


I have started to see some progress. Particularly when I really put my focus and awareness on going up to the light every night. I had an experience a few nights ago where I physically felt lighter then I have before. It felt like negative blocks that were tied to my ankles or body had been left behind, and I was raised to a higher level of consciousness. It literally feels like being lifted.

This is certainly my path to lightening up!

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What Does Dull Your Shine Mean?

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians a psychic told Khloe not to let anyone dull her shine.

I immediately related because I am that girl. People have been dulling my shine since 1989. And I’ve not known how to stand out as me. Not as the struggling version of me that is trying to get people to notice me while totally acting like myself.

But now I have figured out a few things….. on this journey of self-discovery….

I’ve figured out that everyone has SHINE. A lightbulb head if you will. I learned that some people have a brighter light than others but all have a light. Some people are more turned on at this time. In tuned with themselves and the reality of Life. Also, not the reality of life as we might know it. Being an upright citizen in society.. That’s not real life.

Real life is….Spiritual!

It is connectedness. It is purpose. It is LIFE.


We are here on the Planet Earth to Grow. Learn about ourselves. We learn about ourselves through relationships and the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Taylor Swift's Latest Album Cover

Themes for this week

This is it folks. The moment I fall into Taylor Swifts Technicolor world, full of cats, puffy clouds and fun. 

The themes for last week are Taylor Swift,Fun, Puffy Clouds, Lighten Up, Good Bye Depression, Coming out of Depression, Steps to take back my power, and going against patterns if it feels scary.

The Room Situation…a clue to my inner world?

After weeks of laying in a messy almost unbearable apartment, with a stench, followed by self-depricating thoughts of “if I cared more about myself I would clean.” I literally couldn’t bring myself to clean the apartment. I would lay on the hard spring mattress which I put a yoga mat over and a trench coat. The springs would dig into my ovaries. It hurt….

Dishes in the sink…..

No matter how much I tried to care and clean up I was locked in to not clean. 

I made small improvements like calling a cleaning service to come at the end of January to deep clean my apartment. It needs it, in the 5 years that I’ve lived in I’ve never deep cleaned. Just surface level. So this isn’t a luxury it is a health necessasity.

This week I’ve made small daily improvements, It’s all I could do. Just now, I’ve cleaned up all the paper and trash that I’ve had just laying around.

Papers, scaps, receipts, wrappers, pens on the floor, tons of junk mail, scribbles on paper of the same future plans over and over again. It’s all got to go. To make room for new growth. It’s a reflection somewhere in my psyche of how I feel about myself, how I was raised to treat myself. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in a situation like this.

I am going to redecorate my apartment. So far I didn’t even decorate it. I never let myself have the joy to decorate and live in a comfortable apartment. I basically lived in a depraved state, not allowing myself comfort. 

But now I want my life full of color. I want fluffy furry comfort. And plants. Lots of plants. And love. And a desk. And those cool white bowls. Dreaming of decorating my apartment is special. Because I’m trusting myself to do it, to pick out what I want. It’s an act of love. 

Living in the darkness is not fun. Living in messy, depression, anger, coldness, lack of love and care is not how I am meant to live.

It stifles creativity, it stifles wonder, it stifles fun, and moments, and joy. What I’ve learned through all of this is it’s definitely much better to be not depressed than to be depressed. I’ve also learned that I wasn’t going to change until I was ready. Until the moment that everything aligned. My thoughts, my daily experiences, my projects, the life path I was on. Maybe there is something to trusting divine timing. Maybe instead of wishing I learned all of this at 22, I should trust for once that I am on the right path. Even if it is at 30. 

So for now I am going to draw up vibes and plans for my new apartment. I will keep you posted. Where are you at in your journey to unravel yourself?