Tired of believing in people’s projections

One thing that  I wanted to cover more is the concept of projection. It is very easy to believe the message that other people are telling you. When infact, what thye are telling you is nothing more than a projection of their own issues. I read something one time that said “you are not a projection screen”. And it can be really hard to tell when people are projecting especially if what they say is related to one of your issues or triggers. For example I had someone the other day tell me they like how I’m assertive “sometimes”. Normally, you might take this as a compliment. And I did. But the “sometimes” part threw me off. I started to question whether I relly am assertive as I think I am. But I got a hold of myself, and the part of me that I’ve worked on that knows myself inside, what I’m feeling, who I am, what I am capable of and is learning to trust that part, took a hold of me and said “wait a minute girl, you are going to believe him? He’s not only 8 years younger than you, you’ve experienced more, you know more why are you lettinghim mess with you like this. You know you are assertive and you know his issues and this sounds like he is really projecting onto you. And yu are buying it!” So, I had to agree with my rationl self. I was buying loads of stock in this. And I took a step back and realized that he just projectile vomited his fears and worries and shortcomings about himself onto me. And I am believe this mess.