Enter into the cocoon of transformation in 2020

My work has been leading me to this decade. The decade to take my power back and fully shine. As you can see the energy has changed as we entered this new decade of excellence. It feels as if we went up a level as a civilization. The world collectively has now entered into the higher consciousness together. And it is of the utmost importance for all of those who feel the call to enter into their cocoon of transformation and change their lives for the better. You get bogged down, you feel bad about yourself, your energy is drained because of the negative attachments from the past that you hold on to.

A Society Unravels

The time has come to let go of those attachments like never before. But no one can do the work for you. You have to do the work on your own.

As a society, things are changing. Women are taking back their power, the world needs to generate more compassion to the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

It is time to become more inclusive of all.

Spiritual laws govern the universe and it is important for the sake of our planet that everyone turns inward to fulfill their potential and become as beautiful as butterflies.

Social interactions don’t feel as good because of the negative filters that weigh you down. Social interactions are ruffled and it is your duty to clear yourself from the shackles of the past. The shackles that you picked up, inherited, from generation before generation. These outdated views of expression no longer will work in this decade.

The only solution is to turn inward. You will see in pop culture manifestations of the collective wants. The need for women to own their power. The need for authentic expression from every individual. This is at the national level. But consuming the idea intellectually will leave you with remorse. You need to do the work.

Now is the time to shine. It is your right. It is your duty.

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