My thoughts on healing

I recently experienced a type of healing earlier this week which has left me very pensive, surprised, speechless, and drained.

Through my dream interpretation course I got a free trance channeling healing by Elizabeth Rose. I want to state that I would never ever have found this person had my good friend not persuaded me into his dream interpretation course. Truly it was an happy accident (or no accident at all, that I was there)

Through the healing I was able to watch this person go into an altered state of consciousness and have angels speak through her to me. The thing was is that this wasn’t a scam. I know because the feeling behind it was very intense and powerful. Like lightning bolts of electricity ripping through my crown chakra, third eye, throat chakra, and heart chakra. I don’t even talk about chakra’s normally and previously thought it was some hippy stuff that never really tugged on my mental curiosity.

But none the less, I had no take a break from blogging to really process what was going on.

After I received the healing the next day was like the first day of a new chapter or to be dramatic the first day of my real life.

I felt more rebalanced. The first changed that I noticed was that my eyes looked different. Whether I just started noticing them or what, but the look in my eyes was certainly different and the iris seemed more blue. It is worth noting that i did a lot of crying and releasing of negative energy in the healing session.

The result: Is that i feel more like myself. I feel stronger. i started to look at everyone and not see people as higher than me or lower then me, which has been the most obvious change. instead i see everyone as balanced and equal. that has really been a huge shift in my life. And it has allowed me to talk to different kinds of people and really listen to them without judging them first.