“Feeling too much”

When people say that you should think more and feel less, I believed them. When colleges started to get crazy because s students were believing their feelings, I agreed. I still agree that we shouldn’t react on the basis of feelings.

But i don’t want to include that aspect with actual feeling. I live in a beautiful world of feelings. An for the longest time I thought that was my greatest weakness. I thought it was the reason I quit before i could climb high enough in the corporate ladder.

But I see the world in brush strokes. And I think it is a strength to feel. It is womanly to be a nuturer. To help things grow. And in essence I am owning my own power when I am true to my essential nature rather than trying to contort myself to “be more assertive” or “don’t say sorry or use these other words.”

Right now I am thinking that I will need to turn up the dial on being myself. To own more of my power. And not be afraid of it. Because I have a hunch that when I am fully authentic no one can touch me. Their opinions won’t matter. I’ve already been through the worst of it, tried ways of communicating that have led to pain and lost jobs. What else should I be scared of?

Being authentic and real It isn’t something I need to run from or change. Sure there may be some blocks right now. But they can be removed. And I can actualize my own power. I can accept that I have power within me right now and use it. Instead of seeking approval or validation from outside myself that I am behaving within the way they expect of me.

Being authentic isn’t a threat. It is a God-given right.