The Power of Love Energy

The Power of Love Energy

Love energy- love pouring out of my heart. 

Empowerment: Hearts on Fire:

A beautiful dance of love. Is love the answer? 

inside out, inside out again.

My journey to empowerment has led me to shed many skins. Even down to the skeleton bones in my search of what is the right way to be. How can i be strong? I didn’t realize this journey was going to be so long, arduous, complex. And it doesn’t just involve me. I didn’t realize the issue involves humanity. My family tree. The human condition. Guides. Energy. Male and female energy. The universe. And learning. It’s been a crazy, confusing, sometimes feeling stupid for asking questions, or think i am making things up when i say there is a knife in my heart. It’s real. It’s the human condition. 

As you know I’ve chosen to explore dream interpreation as my mode of healing. The knife in my heart was snabbed right in the center. Causing me severe emotional unbalance. I couldn’t push past the pain. I tried to add on assertive qualities I saw in the media. I was brave. I took risks. I stuck it to the man. I got hurt. I got fired. It set me up for a wall of pain. 

I’ve been having dreams every single night. And not just random dreams. But targeted,specific dreams. That bring me back to my childhood. My mom is in my dreams. And I am learning that when it’s time for us to heal, our higher self will focus on bringing to us what we need to heal. 

It’s been a journey backwards through time. And it’s truly been transforming and soothing for my heart. 

I am learning that our influences what we see and pick up on as babies, and even how we come into the world,shape how we see the world from that point. And it makes sense because our first experiences are formative. If we feel a lack of love by total accident because our parents are human, it is the base for how we percieve the world.

What I found to be interesting is that the person running the dream interpretation course, my friend michael, said that before healing we project and see everything and everyone in generalizations. We miss the little nuances abut them that give us clues to what they might be going through. We take things personally. But after healing we start to see the differences in people through the lense of more compassion and understanding. I am really seeing great benefits with dream interpretation. And would like to keep using it.