Relationships and self-love

Relationships and self-love

Self Love: 

I have not had a real boyfriend where I’ve given myself up totally. And you can probably say that’s a good thing. I do have this wall up for a reason. I’ve always envisioned giving my heart up for the perfect guy. And I felt like I met a couple guys throughout the years that I would’ve (mistakingly) settled for. 

But because of the law of attraction – you attract what you are. You attract the issues into your life. I would love to give my heart up. But it’s always the person I’m giving it to. They never want my heart. And then I try and try to be “caring” “supportive” “loving” too loving. I feel like I give and give so much of my heart because i just want a crumb of their love. If they could just talk to me, say hi, the simplest thiings. Evening wanting to take me out on a date would make my life. Is this how it is supposed to be? I don’t know about you but i was raised on the fact that a prince charming was going to propose to me on a bed of roses and then we would live happily ever after.  

So why is it that I have to put in SOOO much work to find my perfect, supportive guy that treats me right. And loves me. If i encountered a guy that made me feel special. I’m not sure how i would handle it. Would i feel undersving getting the love that I actually need, instead of settling for men that treat me badly, hurt me. Would I be used to the pure kind of love. 

Looking at it this waym am i actually choosing the negative love unconsciously? You can see how you are like a magnent to some people who aren’t good for you. You think you have given them your heart or that you are in love. But is it actually what your soul wants? If you healed your subconscious mind from the traumas you’ve experienced as a child, would you still be magnettically attracted to them. How many people are blinded by their issues and in relationships that their higher self might not actually want. I would’ve settled many times over for men that weren’t really up to my standards. That had red flags that I “thought were cute.” Or “wanted to make them feel better by taking care of them.” 

Then there is the fact that sometimes i cling on to guys when they have a lot of security. Not because i am a gold digger or want money. But because i think, “oh, he has a great job.” “This is going to be the best I can do!”

What about my career what about pulling my weight? Do I subconsciously think that I still need to be rescued or that I don’t offer as much as a guy could give me. Do I have the basic assumption that I am still meager when I am not?

It starts with self-love—

Love of self. Love of your potential. You can only access self-love through healing your issues that prevent you from recognizing yourself. From feeling genuine love for yourself. It’s all about feeling that about yourself.

Then you and I can attract the right partner in our lives. #selenaisback.