Heading to Canada!

February 15th 6:09 PST am- Got to the airport at 3:30 am PST. I’m an early bird.

Today is day 0 or day 1 of my 9 day excursion to Canada to The Rose Cottage. A spiritual retreat for weary spiritual seekers. Hey, sounds like me!

If you haven’t read my posts i am going because I need to break through some more things that hold me back. What are they? It is hard to explain but you know the feeling where you just still don’t feel your full self? There is still some nervousness, worry, fear that are in the way. I want to be louder, bolder, more colorful, I want to feel more of my own energy.

Nonetheless, i am really pushing forward to do this trip. I’m not really sure how I was able to go. But the magical thing is, that sometimes when you are meant to go somewhere the universe whips up a straight path and makes sure that you can get there. Suddenly people come out of nowhere to assist you right when you need a lift, You get that paycheck a few days early or it has more than you thought it would. That’s what happened to me.

The Path

Everyone has a unique path that they must walk. I remember even 18 months ago, my life was stagnant, nothing was moving forward. Where is the fun? Where is the movement? It just seemed like the same thing day in and day out.

But since I started to unravel my own internal struggles, life opened up! There is so much to heal, for everyone. And you can only touch people’s lives as much as you yourself are healed and 100% comfortable with yourself.

Your life path will take you to amazing places. It could take you on unexpected trips, like to places near Nova Scotia, like this for example. What you conceive as how your life should unfold will be 10x better once you actually discover what you are meant to do and can offer the world.

Can hypnosis transform me into an influencer?

In a few days I am traveling to Canada to do a 9 day hypnosis intensive. 9 days seems like a lot of days for hypnosis. But it was recommended that that is how much I need to be free from negative emotions that weigh me down, and be able to listen more closely to my inner light and divine guidance.

One time I was talking to someone and I said I have to handle my internal pain and he told me, “you don’t need to worry about that. That stuff is always there!” Even people close to me told me not to go inside. It’s too complicated! Nothing will change!

But something still didn’t feel right. I could never enjoy my life experiences. Could never let loose in situations or relax.

Emotional chains were shackling me to one way of being. And my true personality was behind the scenes. I wanted to break free, fully, but did not know how to. Because let’s face it, when your trying to be yourself, the powers that be inside, the voices inside your head, the feelings you experience are much stronger than your “little old personality.”

The one healing I did a few months ago changed my world view. It’s an inexplicable feeling. But it truly made me feel enlightened about the purpose of everyone on the planet. I was astonished by how negative emotions can hold back a personality. Yet relieved that it is possible to be the person you sense you are underneath.

But there’s still more breaking through required. I learned that everyone is on the planet to heal. And that healing as many layers. Meaning breaking through heals you to a certain point. And that leads to more freedom. But I want to be the most myself. If I could crank up the intensity a little bit more. Which is why I decided to do this 9 day course.

How Hypnosis Works:

I’ve always though hypnosis is a deceptive tool. And I can’t even tell my mom I’m doing hypnosis, because she would think I’ve gone insane.

But hypnosis works by putting you in a relaxed trance state, where you are still alert, but highly relaxed naturally. Then the hypnotist can take you back to traumatic events or provide positive suggestions for your subconscious mind to take in.

According to howstuffworks.com, when a hypnotist tells you to do something, you embrace it completely and engage your emotions. This is why it’s important if you were to do hypnosis to do it with someone that you trust. Definitely not just anyone.

My hope is that I will emerge from this experience being more relaxed, even less anxious, less worried, bolder, brighter, and showing up with the energy of who I believe I am on the inside, but on the outside now. So everyone else can notice me too.

I decided it would be fun to post a before hypnosis picture and an after. To me, I can always tell if a person has experienced a transformation by the look in their eye. A person’s eyes reveal how much their worldview has changed.

How much is it worth it for you to be the fullest version of yourself? Would you try hypnosis.


implementing the solution:

Why Am I here? I’m here to help people realize their mission and life purpose

IF this were the last piece of content ever, what would it say: it would say

How can i provide service and value to others: I can share what it would feel like to be free,

Why do I share the content that I share?: I share it because it’s personal, and heartfelt, and makes me feel human. It touches something in me. It sparks me.

How can i have a meaningful impact on the world: i can have a meaningful impact on the world by moving people to do what they are meant to do and discover the truth of who they really are. By sparking them, igniting them to their light and purpose.

Buried Jewels Within You

Your mission and who you are are linked together.

When you begin to wonder about one of them, you are bound to find out more about the other.

When you take authentic steps to uncovering the truth of why you are on this planet, your life will unfold as according to plan.

Just like Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book Big Magic:

The truth of who you are is a jewel and so is the message inside of you, the plan that needs to be lived in order for you to complete your life’s mission.

It certainly takes work and courage to do the soul-searching, the deraveling of all the false belief systems we’ve bought into, but the truth of who you are and your life’s mission is the only thing that can truly fulfill that missing piece in your heart and in your life.

Wake up now!

Rosalia’s Music Can Inspire You to Be Yourself

How do you feel when you listen to Rosalia music like Di Mi Nombre? How about some uplifting EDM like Odesza’s Meridian, or even the track Selah from Kanye West’s Jesus is King Album?
At full blast these tracks become other wordly.
That’s because music that connects to you, takes you into a higher realm of being and can help ignite the spark of who you really are.
There are some people that say music is a gift from the heavens.
“One good thing about music is that when it hits you you feel no pain” – Bob Marley

Weaved in-between the notes are glimpses of your reality. You can quite literally find yourself in the music.

Your Day Pre-Rosalia

Let’s take you back a typically bad day. You wake up late, it’s raining, your commute is long. You go through the motion of the day, speak to everyone you encounter, the same people piss you off, get under your skin.

You think about going home, pour a glass of wine, and zoning out on the couch watching Netflix. Then, repeat the next day.

But, for a moment you can’t shake the pressing urgency that you have a mission to complete.
Is this really all there is to life? Why is this mission so hard to find?
You feel intuitively that something is missing.

When you get in the car to drive home, an upbeat, expressive, creative song by Rosalia comes on the radio. You begin to listen, get in the groove, you are spellbound by the music.

Suddenly all of your worries, fears, resentments melt away for a moment. You rise from frustration, resentment, all the way to courage, to happiness, to joy.
Why is this?

Music has that etheric effect on us. It can take us out of a situation, lift us up out of the bad feelings or the drudgery of every day life. It can transport us to another time, another world.

One where everything is ok, and we remember who we are at the core.

We feel infinite.

Free as a bird, soaring figuratively in our minds eye through feelings of bliss, escape, an imaginary world where we are powerful again.

Your Favorite Pop Artists Can Help You Find Your Purpose

When we listen to our favorite songs and become immersed in that experience it It is almost like angels are singing, as loud as the music becomes the more our surrounding disappear.
Higher and higher we climb and the more powerful and connected we become. Not just to ourselves but to all of life. The funny thing is that it isn’t our imagination. At that moment we are experiencing reality as it is truly.

Music can also inspire us. Open up worlds and realms of possibility. For a moment, we feel on top of the world, for just a moment we can sense and really believe we can change the world. We really believe we are important and special. We feel at our core that we have a purpose. A mission to be accomplished.

The way the music hits our minds and taps us into a different mindset can ignite a fire in us to express ourselves like never before.
Simple Exercise:

Have you ever been in a café and a good song comes on, and you have to fight the urge to sing? Why not express yourself more in your daily life, then? That is what music is telling you.

Have you ever listen to music and felt so moved that you wanted to cry? Why not use your sensitive nature to help others achieve their dreams?

Have you ever listened to music and felt so angry that the one thing that keeps coming to mind, whether at world or in your daily life needs to be changed now. Why not take action to change it? To start a movement?

You Were Born With a Message Inside of You

That feeling is trying to tell you something important about where you are at in your path right now. How close you are to fulfilling your mission, what your mission is, and how you can better stay on track.
Or even as fine as who you need to connect with. There is guidance always being given out.
However, the music is only the mechanism used to help us remember who we truly are. An infinite spark of the divine.
A luminious golden being that is far more powerful than we realize. Once you break out of the trappings of guilt, fear, worry, jealously, anger. You can peak into the real feelings of love, joy, peace, bliss.
These feelings radiate at a different level than negative feelings. They are linked to your higher nature. Yes, even you can channel guidance from angels and guides.

Seriously! It’s not a woo-woo joke.

But it is only at these high levels. A lot of work has to be done prior to get to these levels permantely. It is of the utmost important right now for everyone to reach these levels.

You came here with a specific and unique mission. But being born on earth comes with the feelings of amnesia. So you have been absorbed into the world. But you are not of this world…….

So the next time you need a reminder of what your unique calling is in life and how you are meant to change the world, put on Rosalia, or any music that makes you FEEL.

It is in the feeling that you can remember the truth of who you are. The real you is begging you to stop the façade. Climb the levels of emotions until you only experience the positive. It is there that you will remember your mission.

How to Break Through to the Real You When You Feel Depressed

Depression or depressed feelings can come from a variety of places.
How you interpret an event, hurt, insecure, or anxiety that you experienced in a past life that you still carry with you today.

According to research by Jean Twinge, who researches the behavior Millenals and IGen. The Igen generation and late millennials have a doubled rate of depressive mood disorders. The one curious thing about this is that this trend began in 2010 with is the same time that social media began to rise. So, it is safe to say that the two go hand in hand. Lack of sleep was also noted as a reason why “mood disorder” rates have increased.

You Glow Better Without Depression

 Depression is a feeling I know a lot about. One time, I said that my that my natural state was depression! I’m totally fun at a party, right?
It’s a debilitating feeling. On it’s worst days which may be rare, sometimes, you can’t even get out of bed.
 Depression is feelings of intense sadness, mixed with hopelessness, a little despair. If I had to assign it a color, it’d be grey.
Our smartphone in our hands only add to the anxiety disorder we feel. But it’s not all bad! The fact that we are aware of these feelings is actually a good thing! It is like shedding a second skin to reveal our true selves.
Disruption is present in every area of society. In previous generations they ignored their inner world. It was too soft to think about feelings. Man up! Right?
And so the neglect of our inner worlds have built up, built up, built up over time. The thing is sometimes the depressed feelings go away. And we are happy again.
But they are not gone for good.
Like a tiger ready to pounce, they will pop-up when you are put in a situation where the conditions are ripe. Because these emotions in your subconscious.

It’s Your Job to Uncover the Light that Anxiety and Depression Cover up

The feelings are still present in your emotional and energy body. They are a part of you, until they aren’t! It’s important for everyone to heal negative emotions so that they can recognize the truth of who they are. And complete their purpose in life.

Your Energy Was Meant to Shine Brightly

Think of your energy body as a bright golden or clear color. Everyone’s natural energy body is golden!
Yet, these emotions color everything you see and hear if not attended to and transformed. When they are present they make your energy heavy. Causing you to be impatient, sad, angry. You never know how deep these emotions run. When you feel them at the surface level it is the tip of the iceberg. The feelings of them are so stored up, they run so deep.

When You Are the Brightest Version of Yourself, You Heal the World

We perceive the world through our emotional body. And these emotions can create strong barriers to the way we want to behave. Like blocks holding us back to love, joy, excitement and zest for a fun life!

You can level-up your energy by becoming aware of your negative feelings, looking at the root cause of them, and using a healing modalitiy that helps you transform them.
But when you go to make that statement, interact with that person, dare to strike up a conversation or say something cutesie, you didn’t have those shades infuse your energy. Imagine if you could leverage social media and see it for a powerful way to connect everyone together globally. 

Anxiety - Why Am I Anxious

The Download on Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the main emotions running it’s way through consciousness a like. It is not only an agitating feeling, but when one feels anxious, the road before them can seem hopeless, dark and very uncertain.

It is no wonder the millennial generation are called the most anxious in history. Yes we have cell phones, and technology, multiple tabs open all the time on our browsers. But what saddens me most is that people go on emotion-suppressing drugs.

The Root of Anxiety

According to Vogue Australia, the millennial generation may have it tougher than generations in the past. Not only because of the changing political landscape, shifting culture, and the global warming crisis (!). But because generally speaking, both parents typically worked, and because millennials experienced raising out-of-home child care than any other generation, it may have led to some emotional problems to break through. Poor millennials!

Not only that, but the constant need to be on social media, particularly Instagram can lead many of us to comparing ourselves to other people. Or, we can watch what others have achieved in what we perceive to be a short amount of time, and that can trigger the “we aren’t good enough” button that is installed in most of us. Most people at their core don’t think they are good enough. It is just part and parcel of being a human being on the planet Earth.

Antidocte to Anxiety

The antidote to anxiety is to be free of anxiety. Anxiety is an energy that may have been passed down to you, it may have been transmitted through the way you were raised. Unconsciously, it may be a behavior that you feel stuck with. For example, my dad was very, very frugal. I grew up watching him deny himself fun things. Rather he would stick to the day-to-day purchases that got us through. Now, when I’m in the store I find myself denying myself the fun purchases, the out of the ordinary plant-based yogurt that is $5… that would be really fun to try! And that is one habit I need to release.

You may not know why you are anxiety. But know this, your anxiety needs to come to the surface level to be transformed and released, as much as it can be.

Listen to your Angels

Every one of us has angelic guidance. Yes, you can communicate with angels if you were light enough. You would be able to trust feelings that come to you, you would have access to more of your innate abilities. And you could use those to shine lighter and brighter. Be happier and carefree.

The ultimate goal right now is to for everyone to listen to their own guidance. So if you feel the negative chains of ancient emotions weighing you down on a daily basis, if your energy is heavy. It needs to become lighter!

How to be lighter and brighter than sunshine!

To be light. To be light. Is the ultimate goal. To be light is the ultimate goal for you. For every one of you.

Here’s how we recommend to be light! And childlike!

Understand your emotions

There are emotions connected to your thoughts and feelings And the negative ones must go! it is no longe appropriate to carry them around. To carry them around is draining to your energy. it holds you back from your fullest expression.

You came to earth and you think you are of the earth. You are not. We are telling you you are not of the earth.

It is time to have some fun. Some fun with your life.

Here’s how to lighten up…….

2. any thing that is not love, joy, bliss, laughter, humor, love is of the earth. it is time to release those emotions. Some of these emotions may include anxiety for many of you. Anxiety. Anxiety. Is not of the heart. Anxiety needs to be released if you have it. Worry. Worry is not of the heart. Anger is tricky. It is not of the heart, yet holds great energy to catapult change. please release the anger.

Authors Note: Situations cannot make you angry. You are angry because of what you feel inside!

Lighten up. Please lighten up your energy. There is way. Please continue to read…..

Here is How to Lighten Up

Look inside of yourself. Feel what needs to change. And work to change it. It is that simple. Become aware that a change needs to be made. Meditate on the light that shines in each of you. Meditate for 15 minutes per day. And you will change.

It is time!

When Other People Disapprove You Might Be More Aligned Than You Think

When I was in college I went through a time of bullying. I know that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life, so I don’t see myself as a victim.

But I was a part of a clique called Mean Girls. And at times, we did get mean. I wasn’t really as conscious as I am now back then. So I wasn’t really aware of the harmful effects of being a mean girl.

When we invited a new girl into the clique named Amanda, things got complicated for me. We lived in a shared room. I lived in the attic and she in the room connected to it. Many people would comment on how she looked similar to me…but not.

Odd Girl Out

Over time, she successfully managed to kiss my ex boyfriend, befriend all of my friends, and convince people that I was “evil.” People commented on how she was trying to BE me….

She really scared me! And I thought there was seriously something wrong with me as a person.

But now i know this experience was important for me. It partly happened because of earlier experiences in life the I had not healed, and how I thought about myself.

Fast forward 6 years, and a similar situation happened to me again! You really do attract what you haven’t yet healed in your subconscious!

As an entrepreneur, I befriended a group of girls at their Lean In group. I wanted to see if they would join my pilot program for women being assertive. I approached each one individually. But when word got out that I approached them, they confronted me and kicked me out of the group.

Later, as I was friends with them on Facebook, I see by their likes that they are interested in becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

What’s the lesson, here?

The moral of the story is to not go by what anyone else thinks. If their words are callous, mean, or hurt you to the effect that you stop being the bright spark that you are, you will lose a part of you. The reason they were mean in the first place is that you did something that they wish they could do.

It’s not because you are doing something wrong, but, rather, you are doing something RIGHT.

And by the way, even if they do hurt you, you are responsible for healing whatever is inside of you that hurt. The negative emotions.

So lighten up. Life is bright and so are you.

How To Let Go of Worry; a Love Story

The Angels told me I worry too much.

My response is that if I don’t worry about what will get done how will I get it done? It’s the worry that is the motor of the boat, right?

This experience happened when I was getting a reading from Elizabeth Rose, someone who channels Angels.

I make endless lists about what I need to do to move forward in my life. On a month to month basis. I worry how I will accomplished things, how I will find the time to buy new stylish clothes and get my look together, while also finding time to do fun things.

It’s a lot of worrying. I just need to relax a little more. Imagine all the worry I’m putting into the universe? I just feel like I have a block of worrying literally as a boundary to everything I want in life. And as much as I just want to STOP, I really can’t do it automatically. My mom worried, my dad worried, my brother worries. It is just in me. So the only thing I can do is heal! it’s literally encoded in my energy until I address it, bring it forward in my life, and let it go, releasing it by crying or getting angry or something to wash the feeling away.

Lighten Up on Worrying

Worry is such a weird and bubbly feeling. If I had to describe the sensation I feel. It’s bubbly, but not in a good way. In an incredibly anxious way.

According to this great article on Elizabeth Rose’s website: https://www.diamondlantern.com/auras-and-chakras/how-to-heal-your-body-heart-and-soul/

She has said very well that when Angels heal your system they provide you with peace, love and balance. If I am too much tilted in the realm of worry I really am not balanced.

But more and more worry has been coming up. Which is something I need to expect when getting closer and closer toward the healing in February. Elizabeth Rose told me that the Angels would surface negative emotions as I got closer to the date.

Chakra System

I did not realize chakras were more than a spiritual or Zen term. They are actually a legitimate system in our bodies. They are “pools of spiraling energy that allow cosmic energy to flow freely throughout your mental, emotional and physical body.”

I am looking forward to being more balanced, at peace and in harmony with life! And looking forward to changes.

Article Credit: Elizabeth Rose, Diamond Lantern website:  https://www.diamondlantern.com/auras-and-chakras/how-to-heal-your-body-heart-and-soul/

What do you think about lightening up on negative emotions?

Why I am Working on Being A Channel for Angels

If you think that people who are all obsessed with God are uncool. I don’t blame you. They have this certain goody-two-shoesness that really bothers me. There are very few that don’t bother me, but Kanye West has the cool God-factor going on. Finally!

After I had a deep trance session with a woman named Elizabeth Rose, a friend of a friend where she had channeled 9 Angels to talk to me. The voice that came through was kind yet powerful. Didn’t show excess love in words but I knew that I was loved.

Too many people have misused Angelic information and twisted it. But, it’s purest message is still there.

I am working to a point where Angels will step into me and use my vocal chords to deliver messages.

If you are confused, I can understand that.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is when beings of light communicate through you and to you through a channel of light that goes all the way up to God. It is a spiritual gift that I have brought with me to Earth. But don’t be surprised if you have it too. Most of us have at least one spiritual gift.

Preparation for Channeling

You can’t just be a channel. Well, I’m sure some people can. But for me I’m having to practice and do work to be a channel. My practice consists of removing sugar, caffeine and meat. Eating vegetables and fruits and plant-based proteins. Meditating for one hour each night by envisioning myself floating up on a cloud to a portal of light. The light happens to be a place, and things to happen there. Angels are there. And lastly, healing all mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems that block my channel.


I have started to see some progress. Particularly when I really put my focus and awareness on going up to the light every night. I had an experience a few nights ago where I physically felt lighter then I have before. It felt like negative blocks that were tied to my ankles or body had been left behind, and I was raised to a higher level of consciousness. It literally feels like being lifted.

This is certainly my path to lightening up!

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